Mumtaz Akbar Khan

Beginning its culinary adventure in 1979 the Mumtaz brand has grown into a well-known restaurant chain that has left a lasting impression on the British culinary scene. With a dedication to providing the best dining experience possible, Mumtaz has become synonymous with authentic South Asian cuisine, particularly Pakistani and Indian cuisines.

From its humble beginnings, to its present position as a culinary iconic, Mumtaz has grown into an enviable chain with every restaurant carefully designed to reflect the culture tradition of its roots. The atmosphere seamlessly blends sophistication and warmth. It invites diners to take a seat in an environment where each element is carefully planned to create the ultimate dining experience.

Mumtaz’s menu is an expression of decades of experience in the kitchen, featuring an array of delicious flavors that range from succulent kebabs to fragrant biryanis to rich curries as well as a wide array of vegetarian delicacies. Created with precision and made using the finest ingredients, each dish captures the essence of South Asian culinary traditions.

The popularity of Mumtaz extends beyond its delicious dishes to its constant commitment to providing customers with a pleasant experience. The highest quality service has become the hallmark of Mumtaz eateries, where customers are welcomed with a warm welcome that reflects the warmth that is typical of South Asian traditions.

In terms of awards, Mumtaz has earned numerous awards, establishing its position as a major force in the culinary world. Through regional and national competitions acknowledgement, the chain of restaurants has been praised by its dedication to innovation in the kitchen, outstanding service as well as the total dining experience.

One of the most prestigious achievements for Mumtaz was in the appearance of an official endorsement from the royal family. Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II, adorned the restaurant with her presence, praising Mumtaz’s contribution to diversity of culture through the art of food. The royal seal of approval elevated the Mumtaz to a high-profile status and showcased its culinary excellence and significance in the cultural sphere to bridge traditional and the modern.

While Mumtaz continues to delight guests with its exceptional offerings and exceptional service the legacy of its status as a dining establishment that is regal is inscribed in the gastronomic time. Every journey to Mumtaz is more than just a meal. It’s an experience that takes you through time, culture and the quest for the highest standards of food.

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Phone01274 571861


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