Since our start in 1979, Mumtaz has grown into a global phenomenon, bringing the richness of Indian-British dining to patrons across the UK and beyond. Known for our unique blend of luxury and tradition, Mumtaz stands as an innovator in the world of fine dining.

To fuel our continued expansion, we’ve invested in a solid infrastructure that opens the door for franchise opportunities worldwide. Now, we’re on the lookout for enthusiastic partners ready to take on the challenge of managing multiple units.

Whether you’re a seasoned food and beverage franchisee, a business owner eager to diversify, or a newcomer with a passion for the culinary world, Mumtaz welcomes you to join our family. As a Mumtaz franchise partner, you’ll be part of a globally recognised brand, trusted for its commitment to excellence.

Embrace the chance to build and grow your own business in the dynamic world of Mumtaz, where the marriage of tradition and innovation creates an unforgettable dining experience. Come be a part of our journey as we redefine Indian fine dining on a global scale.

We offer development opportunities to incoming, quality franchisees in one format; restaurants with 100+ seats, and the opportunity to open up a take-away and home catering service.


  • Starting Phase

Hey there at Mumtaz! We’re all about heart and soul in what we do, and that extends to our rock-solid commitment to training our franchise owners. We don’t just do training; we create experiences that make you part of the Mumtaz family.

So, imagine this: You’re about to embark on a two-week journey at our original spot in Bradford before your restaurant’s big day. Week one is like stepping into the heartbeat of Mumtaz – the kitchen. Our Head Chef becomes your kitchen sensei, guiding you through the art of grilling, crafting curries, baking breads, whipping up desserts and much more.It’s not just about cooking; it’s about feeling the buzz of a busy kitchen and handling it like a pro.

Now, week two is where the magic spills into the front-of-house. You’re side by side with our General Manager, learning the ropes of waiting tables, mastering our ordering system, and diving deep into the world of allergens (because we take care of all our guests). It’s not just service; it’s creating an experience that turns customers into guests in our own house.

And because running a Mumtaz restaurant is more than just knowing your way around the kitchen and dining area, we’ve got your back with business essentials. We’ll cover everything from managing stocks and reservations to keeping our amazing staff happy and making sense of those sales numbers. It’s a 360-degree view of what makes Mumtaz tick.

At Mumtaz, we believe in more than just recipes and procedures. It’s about passing on the vibe, the attention to detail, and the love we put into every dish. We’re confident that with this training, you’ll not only run a Mumtaz – you’ll make it uniquely yours, creating an


experience that keeps guests coming back for more. Welcome to the Mumtaz family!

  • Middle phase

The next stage of our openings process is hiring. Our experienced team will co-run the recruitment process with franchisees, using our experience within Mumtaz and an aptitude for talent management to ensure you start with a winning team. Recruitment is usually carried out over a week, with the franchisee present to further increase their familiarity in the process, which they will need for success in the future.

  • Last Phase

During the training period, front-of-house staff engage in extensive practice sessions, refining their customer service skills and undertaking daily cleaning tasks with precision. Simultaneously, the kitchen staff undergo targeted practice sessions to sharpen their culinary skills and streamline kitchen workflows. The training curriculum places a paramount focus on legal compliance, encompassing exhaustive modules covering food hygiene, allergen awareness, and rigorous safety protocols.

The culmination of this intensive training involves on-shift supervision during the inaugural two weeks of restaurant operation. A seasoned and experienced team is deployed to manage the restaurant, meticulously scrutinising and addressing every detail pertaining to service. This hands-on approach is imperative to ensure a seamless and flawless transition into full-scale operations.

Furthermore, our commitment extends beyond the training period. We provide ongoing support to managerial and culinary leadership, assisting in creating schedules, managing stock efficiently, and fostering a positive working culture within the restaurant. The ultimate goal is not solely the opening of a restaurant but the establishment of a foundation for enduring success, characterised


by operational excellence and an unwavering commitment to the high standards synonymous with the Mumtaz brand.


At Mumtaz, we prioritise a seamless brand design. Our team carefully balances opulence and practicality in crafting restaurant designs, ensuring a consistent look and feel across all Mumtaz locations worldwide. At the heart of each restaurant, our kitchens are meticulously fitted to the highest standards, guaranteeing longevity and uniform operational excellence globally

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